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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
George Mock
male 1886-1958 20th Century Muncie Nashville US IN US
Frank R. Humpal
male 1895-1948 20th Century Chicago Nashville IL US IN US
Arthur Humpal
male 1902-1998 Chicago Nashville IL US IN US
Glenn Cooper Henshaw
male 1880-1946 20th Century Windfall Nashville IN US IN US
Gianni Cilfone
male 1908-1990 20th Century Chicago Nashville IN US IN US
Louis Oscar (L.O.) Griffith
male 1875-1956 19th & 20th Century Greencastle Nashville IN US IN US
_gallery art _gallery art
male US US
Charles Conner
male 1857-1905 Richmond Richmond IN US IN US
Stephen Sherrow
male 1913-2005 20th Century Richmond Metamora US IN US
Harry R. Townsend
male 1885-1968 20th Century Fountain City Richmond IN US IN US
Charles Dahlgreen
male 1864-1955 20th Century Oak Park IL US IN US
Clayson Baker
male 1909-1975 Hillsboro Indianapolis IN US IN US
Paul Turner Sargent
male 1880-1946 Charleston Nashville IL US IN US
Kenneth Reeve
male 1910-2012 Nashville Nashville IN US IN US
C. Curry Bohm
male 1894-1971 Nashville Nashville US IN US
Albert Scott Cox
male 1863-1920 US IN US
G. Ruger Donoho
male 1857-1916 New York NY US IN US
Frank Crawford Penfold
male 1849-1927 Brittany FR IN US
Alexis Jean Fournier
male 1865 - 1948 1865-1948 Minneapolis Brown County MN US IN US
Carl Rudolph Krafft
male 1884-1938 Chicago Oak Park IL US IL US

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