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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Carl Woolsey
male 1902-1965 Indianapolis Indianapolis IN US IN US
Wood Woolsey
male 1899-1970 Taos Indianapolis NM US IN US
Fred W. Wright
male 1880-? 20th Century Crawfordsville IN US IN US
Rosemary Wright
female 1939- 20th Century Richmond IN US IN US
Leslie Bernard J. Wynne
male 1920- 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
George David Yater
male 1910- 20th Century Provincetown MA US IN US
Charles George Yeager
male 1910- 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Eva May Yoder
female 20th Century Tipton IN US IN US
Susan Bankey Yoder
female US IN US
Beth Powlen Marvin Young
female 1908- 20th Century Logansport IN US IN US
Robert Richard Young
male 20th Century Rockport IN US IN US
Erma K. Zahnd
female 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Louise Eleanor A. Zaring
female 20th Century Greencastle IN US IN US
Louise Zaring
female 1872-1970 Greencastle IN US US
Helen Marr (Mrs. W.P.) Zimmerman
female 20th Century Greencastle IN US IN US
William Zimmerman
male 1937 Nashville Nashville IN US IN US
Carl John (Zimmerman) Zimmermann
male 1900-1985 20th Century Passadena CA US IN US
Carolyn Richeson Zimmermann
female 1903-? 20th Century Loveland OH US IN US
Walter (Zimmerman) Zimmermann
male ?-1937 20th Century Vincennes IN US IN US
Gertrude Zook
female 20th Century Fort Wayne IN US IN US

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