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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Dorothy A. Spiegel
female 1904-? 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Ralph Sowell
male 20th Century Madison IN US IN US
Clara Barth Leonard Dieman Sorenson
female 1877-? 19th/20th Century Cedar Rapids IA US IN US
Ann T. Solomon
female 1934- 20th Century Henry County IN US IN US
William McKendree Snyder
male 1848-1930 Madison Madison IN US IN US
Hazel Snepp
female 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Florence Bartley Smithburn
female 1904-1988 20th Century New Augusta IN US US
Marshall J. Smith, Jr.
male 1854-1923 New Orleans LA US IN US
Jerry Smith
male Crawfordsville US IN US
Mrs. Heth Smith
female 20th Century Richmond IN US IN US
Laura Gertrude (Mrs. Aubrey) Smith
female 1875-? 19th/20th Century Sandborn IN US IN US
L.A. Smith
20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Janette Smith
female 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Alvin Smith
male 1933- 20th Century Gary IN US IN US
Derk Smit
male 1889-1985 Chicago Nashville IL US IN US
William Smallwood
male 19th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Charles Skiles
male 1911-1969 20th Century Pekin IN US IN US
Edward R. Sitzman
male 1874-1949 19th/20th Century Indianapolis Morgantown IN US IN US
Rita Ann Roethelle Sister
female 1926-? 20th Century Fort Wayne IN US IN US
Mary Laureen Sister
female 1893-? 20th Century Holy Cross IN US IN US

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