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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Paul Jean Braus
male 1914- 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Mary Ellen Hinshaw Branson
female 1826-1911 19th/20th Century Milton IN US IN US
Gladys R. Brandner
female 20th Century Berwyn IN US IN US
Karl C. Brandner
male 1898-1961 Chicago IL US IN US
Carolyn G. Bradley
female 1898-1954 20th Century Richmond Columbus IN US OH US
Herbert W. Brackmier
male 1909- 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Lulu S. Boyd
female 20th Century Frankfort IN US IN US
Margaret Anne Boyd
female 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Monimia Bunnell Boyd
female 1824-1862 19th Century Dublin IN US IN US
Gerald G. Boyce
male 1925- 20th Century Morgantown IN US IN US
Frances T. Bowman
female 20th Century Evanston IN US IN US
Hazel McGee Bowman
female 20th Century Odon IN US IN US
Helen L. Bowman
female 1851-1931 19th/20th Century Temont IN US IN US
Janet Payne Bowles
female 1882-1948 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Earle Wayne Bott
male 1894-? 20th Century Brazil IN US IN US
Mabel Siegelin (Mrs. Earle) Bott
female 1900-? 20th Century Brazil IN US IN US
Margaret Boroughs Adams
female 1882-1965 US IN US
Cheryl Bopp
female 1948- 20th Century Terre Haute IN US IN US
Louis William Bonsib
male 1892-1979 20th Century Fort Wayne Nashville US IN US
Bryon Leland Bond
male 1906- 20th Century Richmond IN US IN US

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