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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Leota Williams Loop
female 1893-1961 20th Century Fountain City Nashville IN US IN US
Georges LaChance
male 1888-1964 20th Century Utica Nashville NY US IN US
Genevieve Goth Graf
female 1890-1961 20th Century Indianapolis Nashville IN US IN US
Marie Goth
female 1887-1975 20th Century Indianapolis Nashville IN US IN US
Homer Gordon Davisson
male 1866-1957 19th/20th Century Blountsville Nashville IN US IN US
Sybil Hunt Connell
female 1895-1983 20th Century Indianapolis Nashville IN US IN US
Francis Clark Brown
male 1908-1992 20th Century Noblesville Nashville IN US IN US
Louis William Bonsib
male 1892-1979 20th Century Fort Wayne Nashville US IN US
Dale (Philip) Bessire
male 1893-1974 20th Century Nashville Nashville US IN US
Adam Emory Albright
male 1862-1957 Chicago Nashville US IN US
Joseph Frank Currier
male 1843-1909 Boston Munich MA US US
Frederik Ebbesen Grue
male 1951-1995 Sherman Oaks Muncie CA US IN US
Beulah Brown
female 1892-1988 Muncie Muncie IN US IN US
Francis Focer Brown
male 1891-1971 20th Century Muncie Muncie IN US IN US
Edward R. Sitzman
male 1874-1949 19th/20th Century Indianapolis Morgantown IN US IN US
John Correll
male 1905-1994 Michigan City Michigan City IN US IN US
Stephen Sherrow
male 1913-2005 20th Century Richmond Metamora US IN US
Elba Louis Vernon Riffle
female 1905- 20th Century Winimac Marion IN US IN US
Josephine Davis
female 1892-1983 20th Century Marian Marion US IN US
William McKendree Snyder
male 1848-1930 Madison Madison IN US IN US

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