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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Constance Forsyth
female 1903-1987 Indianapolis Austin IN US TX US
Carolyn G. Bradley
female 1898-1954 20th Century Richmond Columbus IN US OH US
Frank Duveneck
male 1848-1919 Cincinnati Cincinnati OH US OH US
Bessie Hoover Wessel
female 1889-1973 20th century Brookville Cincinnati IN US OH US
Laura Ann Fry
female 1857-1943 19th-20th century Cincinnati Cincinnati OH US OH US
Roland Osborne
male 1904-? 20th century Richmond West Milton IN US OH US
Margaret Stark
female 1915-1988 20th Century Indianapolis New York City IN US NY US
Susan Merrill Ketcham
female 1841-1930 19th/20th Century Indianapolis New York City IN US NY US
Harlan Hubbard
male 1900-1988 Kentucky River KY US KY US
Betty Abbett
female 1925- 20th Century Nashville IN US IN US
Frances Smith Abraham
female 20th Century Greencastle IN US IN US
Edith Gordon Adams
female 1870-1938 19th/20th Century Shelbyville IN US IN US
J. Ottis (John Ottis) Adams
male 1851-1927 19th/20th Century Indianapolis Brookville US IN US
Wayman E. Adams
male 1883-1959 20th Century Albany Indianapolis IN US IN US
Winifred Brady (Mrs. John) Adams
female 1871-1955 19th/20th Century Brookville IN US IN US
Adam Emory Albright
male 1862-1957 Chicago Nashville US IN US
Edna Agar
female 20th Century Valparaiso IN US IN US
Florence Tilton (Ahfeld) Ahlfeld
female 1894-? 20th Century North Manchester IN US IN US
Curtis Ailes
male 1920- 20th Century Brookville IN US IN US
Martinus Anderson
male 1878-1942 19th/20th Century Bridgeport Crawfordsville IN US IN US

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