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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Anne R. Forsyth
female 20th Century GB IN US
Edwin Forsythe Parker
male 20th Century US IN US
Jerry Smith
male Crawfordsville US IN US
_gallery art _gallery art
male US US
Albert Scott Cox
male 1863-1920 US IN US
Granville Bishop
male 1831-1902 IN US IN US
Thomas Hart Benton
male 1889-1975 US IN US
Donald Blakney
male US IN US
Nathaniel Currier
male 1813-1888 US IN US
Ann Dohoney
male US IN US
Michael Frase
male US IN US
Jerome Hageman
male US IN US
Ron Jenkins
male US IN US
Darryl Jones
male US IN US
Edmund Chapman
male 1809-1872 US IN US
Elijah Chapman
male 1811-1872 US IN US
George Lockwood
male US IN US
John McCutcheon
male 1870-1949 US IN US
Rob O'Dell
male 1938-1917 IN US IN US
_gallery art _gallery art
male US US

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