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The Bridge
re: Wilbur Meese - The Bridge (artwork #5332)

Wilbur Meese (1910-1998)

The Bridge

Watercolor on Paper
13 x 18 inches
Signed Lower Right

This painting was featured in our weekly email on 9/29/17 along with the following gallery comments:

Wilbur Meese spent much of his working life as the art director for Eli Lilly & Company. His artistic output, as a result, was limited by his day gig. His body of work is almost all watercolor and falls into two categories. The first is the methodically precise ‘Victorian Gothic’ work that features an exacting, stylized rendering of homes and barns surrounded by round-top trees. These pieces were often reproduced as signed prints as well. His more ‘traditional’ style of watercolor landscapes often are set in winter and widely utilize the ‘negative’ (the white paper) as a field of snow. Today’s piece, The Bridge (artist’s title), is interesting as it falls between the two. It’s not a fantasy, as his Victorian stuff is. Yet it’s extremely precise and well-ordered and contains multiple layers of background, drawing the viewer in. I believe this is the Washington Street bridge over the White River (as seen w/ Chris Newlund in our G2 collateral, below). A really well-executed piece of Indianapolis subject matter by Wilbur Meese.

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