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Moonlit Campsite
re: John (Jan) Zwara - Moonlit Campsite (artwork #5460)

John (Jan) Zwara (1880-1951)

Moonlit Campsite (1947)

Oil on Board
24 x 30 inches
Signed Lower Left

This painting was featured in our weekly email on 1/19/18 along with the following gallery comments:

Gallery Comments

Jan Zwara’s life in the States, where he emigrated as a young man, was spent as an itinerant. He had what was probably undiagnosed schizophrenia. He lived a lonely, isolated life. But good lord he painted well. You can tell we hold him in high regard through the volume of paintings we’ve handled over the last ten-plus years. He worked mostly in oil and gouache and occasionally in straight-up watercolor. Today’s piece, Moonlit Campsite (our title; an oil on board) is very representative of his style and technique – especially the handling of light. That said, it’s an illustration or a genre piece featuring a figure. Very unusual. And of course, it’s not talking ;-). Painting has been cleaned and re-varnished and is in very good condition. Housed in a hand-leafed reproduction frame (created in-house), not original to the work.

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