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Palette & Chisel Club Oldenburg
Spinner a96 eed
re: Various Artists - Palette & Chisel Club Oldenburg (artwork #4316)

Various Artists (1850-2000)

Palette & Chisel Club Oldenburg (1910)

Oil on Canvas
22 x 36 inches
Signed Above Artists


This painting was featured in our weekly email on 4/9/15 along with the following gallery comments:

Seven members of Chicago’s Palette & Chisel Club (now known as the Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts), apparently visiting Oldenburg, IN in 1910. To wit (from left to right):

John Phillips (painted by August Petrytl)
August Petrytl (painted by Harry Leon Engle)
Rudolph Ingerle (painted by L.O. Griffith)
Otto Hake (painted by John Phillips)
L.O. Griffith (painted by Victor Higgins)
Harry Leon Engle (painted by Rudolph Ingerle)
Victor Higgins (painted by Otto Hake)

This painting was a garage sale find, ten years ago and that whole story can be seen here. It’s provided two people on this earth their Andy Warhol-divined fifteen minutes of fame. The work about went through a major conservation having suffered neglect, abuse, water damage and god knows what other unspeakable acts. The original canvas was able to be preserved with strip-lining the sides and it is in fighting shape. The frame is a hand-leafed reproduction frame which we created from scratch in our studio.

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