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Old Houses, Galena
Spinner a96 eed
re: Arnold Turtle - Old Houses, Galena (artwork #4824)

Arnold Turtle (1892-1954)

Old Houses, Galena

Oil on Canvas
27 x 30 inches
Signed Lower Right

This painting was featured in our weekly email on 9/16/16 along with the following gallery comments:

Arnold Turtle took the strangest route to ultimately finding and painting in Brown County. He was a Brit and emigrated to Canada and eventually wound up in Chicago. He was an accountant but took night classes at the Chicago Art Institute and had his first solo exhibit in 1929 establishing his painting career. He was close with Anthony Buchta and other members of Chicago’s Palette and Chisel Club, many of whom were visiting Brown County to paint during the summers of the early 1930s. Beyond Brown County, he painted all over the country. Many pieces emanating from Puget Sound, New Orleans, California and the Eastern Seaboard. Add to that Western Illinois. Today’s painting, Old Houses, Galena informed me of Galena, IL’s long history of African American residents. More on that can be seen here. Much like Turtle’s work in New Orleans, we’re offered an unadorned, local moment-in-time, depicting life in-town. And like all of Turtles work, it’s wonderfully loose – perhaps one of the loosest painters we represent. Yet, he’s consistently on – values are great, abstracted people and structures appear just right in the context of his work. I love it! The painting has been cleaned and re-varnished (it’s flawless – no in-painting). Original frame was lightly cleaned. Includes original Chicago Galleries Association tag, verso. We have another Turtle in inventory as well – Oakland Bay, representing his love for harbor scenes.

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