Dale (Philip) Bessire

male 1893-1974
20th Century
Life city:
Nashville, IN
Work city:
Nashville, IN
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re: Dale (Philip) Bessire

Dale Bessire was born in Ohio and studied art under William Forsyth in Indianapolis. In 1914 he allegedly walked to Nashville, IN where he purchased 35 acres just north of town. This land became Bessire's apple orchard as well as his art studio. When he wasn't busy tending his orchard, Bessire painted. Bessire often travelled south in the winter and painted coastal scenes. Though he is probably best known for his large oils featuring the foilage and hills of Brown County. Bessire entered the first Hoosier Salon exhibition in 1924 (which took place in Chicago) and was a frequent exhibitor and prize winner in subsequent years. The following information was submitted by a site visitor: Dale Bessire (1892-1974) was born in Columbus, Ohio, but is considered a native of Indianapolis. He studied at Herron under William Forsyth and then later studied business at the University of Chicago. Bessire moved to the town of Nashville in Brown County, Indiana, in 1914. He successfully ran an orchard and maintained his art career as a landscape painter. He exhibited at both the Hoosier Salon and the Chicago Gallery Association. He was also a founding member of the Brown County Art Gallery Association. We're very interested in purchasing pieces by Dale Bessire. Please contact us if you have artwork to sell.

The Golden Season Winter Morning Bradenton Beach, FL Brown Count Vista Provincetown Golden Harmony Impending Showers Colorful Hills Clouded Hills Blossom Trail Evening In Spring Brown County Autumn Landscape Brown County Autumn Lane Spring Stream Brown County Autumn Landscape Summer Stream A Brown County Canyon A Bend in the Stream Nature's Cathedral Evening Clouds

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