Gerald Nees

male 1938-
Life city:
Cory , IN
Work city:
Cory, IN
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re: Gerald Nees

From the Terre Haute Tribune, March 23rd 1972: "At the age of 15 he dove into the deep waters of a lake near his home and when he came up he was helpless, paralyzed from his neck down. "With the aid of remote control, a special telephone wire from his home to Cory High School was installed and thus enabled him to continue his studies and received [sic] his diploma. Later, Gerald took a correspondence course through the Famous Artist School, and learned to paint and draw with tempora [sic] colors and oils. "In the past several years Gerald has painted over 300 paintings with his mouth, a special type of denture was designed for him by a dentist and friend of the family, to protect his own teeth... His work has been displayed at Swope Art Gallery, Terre Haute; Herron Art Gallery, Indianapolis; Louisville and the Indianapolis 500 Fall Festival. "It has been said that Nees' paintings have the simplicity and beauty reminiscent of Norman Rockwell and Grandma Moses. Most of his work is of rural Indiana and according to Gerald, this is what he knows and loves best."

Taking a Winter Ride Getting Ready for an Old Time Social Summer on the Farm Winter Celebration

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