Denzil Omer Seamon

male 1911-1997
20th Century
Life city:
Gibson County,
Work city:
Terre Haute, IN
Charles Bartholomew
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re: Denzil Omer Seamon

Omer 'Salty' Seamon was a western Indiana artist known for his regional landscapes. He also has a large series of prints created from his original works. The following anecdote was submitted by site visitor Don Thompson: "I knew Salty when we lived in Rockville, IN in 1973-75. I was working for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes' camp near Turkey Run State Park. We were building cabins, houses, chapels, dining halls, etc. Salty did all of our renderings for the camp's buildings. He was a very nice fellow and was never too busy to stop and visit if I stopped by in Rosedale, IN. He always used to say, 'Ten years from now, no one will know what I was doing today'. He always had time for anyone who stopped by. We would run ideas by him for designs and in a few days, he would have a sketch drawn up. Wished I still had those and don't know what ever happened to them. In those days, I was too poor to purchase any original paintings, but he would have probably worked it out for me if I had asked." We are interested in buying original works by Salty Seamon. Please contact us if you have pieces you are considering selling.

Colorful fall landscape Village Stream Sandbar, Sugar Creek Sugar Creek Wabash County Lane Little Creek Residence Fall Pasture Winter Pasture Early Sunday Morning On the Covered Bridge Route Lake Superior Lakeshore

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