George Ames Aldrich

male 1872-1941
Life city:
South Bend, IN
Work city:
South Bend, IN
John H. Twachtman
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Born in Worcester, Massachusetts on June 3rd, 1872, George Ames Aldrich was the son of George Wellington Aldrich and Catherine Elizabeth Ames. Originally an architecture student, he attended the Dean Academy in Franklin, Massachusetts and later at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After his training he went on to work under the American Impressionist John H. Twachtman in New York. His most known years as an artist were spent in France (Normandy) and Brittany. Working with prominent French artists, he developed artistically and began to show an affinity for landscapes. Thus, his most well-known paintings, executed around 1890-1920, show countryside scenes of Brittany and Normandy. These works are composed of broad areas of color and are executed in an impressionistic manner. It is said that in 1922, after moving from Paris to New York to Chicago, he exhibited fifty-four of his works in South Bend, Indiana at the Oliver Hotel. The success of that exhibition enabled him to move to South Bend, where he began to teach drawing at the Fine Arts Club. Once his French landscape paintings found a market in Indiana, he then produced a body of work for patrons of Elkhart, Indiana public institutions, and a multitude of South Bend citizens. He was also noted for producing seascapes, cityscapes, and still-lifes. During his time in Chicago and South Bend in the 1920s and 1930s, he exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Hoosier Salon. At the time of his death on March 7th, 1941, he was a husband to his third wife, Esta, and a father to one daughter, Elizabeth. IMA Library Artist Files (Brown County Public Library)

Normandy Canal South Bend River Normandy Mill Along the Stream Normandy Canal with Figure

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