Louis Oscar (L.O.) Griffith

male 1875-1956
19th & 20th Century
Life city:
Greencastle, IN
Work city:
Nashville, IN
St. Louis School of F.A.
Art Institute of Chicago
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Born in 1875 in Greencastle, IN, Louis Oscar Griffith lived in Nashville, IN the last thirty years of his life, after spending many years in Texas (childhood), St. Louis (art school) and Chicago (career). While growing up in Texas he was taken under the wing of well-known artist Frank Reaugh. Even taking a trip through the Southwest by covered wagon, painting as they traveled. ‘L.O.’, or ‘Griff’ was a successful commercial artist in Chicago by the late 1910s. He married Carolyn Maulsby in 1920 and two years brought a career change. As the story goes, Griffith sent off a just-completed ham illustration to a meat-packing firm. The company’s art director sent it back with the notation “Make ham more graceful.” That apparently tipped the scale and sent him, his wife and young son packing for Nashville, IN, county seat of beautiful Brown County, which they had been visiting for years. A man of strict scheduling and precision, he rose at 6:00 am everyday, and painted in his studio and a slow and methodical pace, often from sketches he earlier had made in the field. His etchings in particular were works of perfectionism, whether in black and white or in multi-layers of color. Griffith was known for his subtle tonalities of his aquatints, and won many awards. He was also a regular exhibitor in Brown County and the Hoosier Salon. The Griffiths were also good friends with fellow artists and neighbors Adolph and Alberta Schultz and the Vawters. Louis Oscar Griffith died in 1956 in Franklin, Indiana at age 81. Note: Not to be confused with Lorenze Griffith (who signed as "L. Griffith" ) who also painted in and around Indiana in the early 20th century. We are very interested in purchasing pieces by L.O. Griffith. Please contact us if you have artwork you are considering selling.

Memorial Union, Indiana University Indiana Landscape Giant Elm The Landmark Morning Chores Brown County Landscape Winter in Southern Indiana Fall Comes Early To Brown County Brown County Landscape Brown County Landscape Spanish Sardine Boats Normandy Anita's Well Granma Barnes Cabin Old Mexico Salt Creek Brown County Lane Faith Brown County Landscape Hoosier Sunset Midnight on the Thames The Frontenac, Quebec Winter Stream Swinging Bridge View of the Village Anita's Well Brown County Landscape Men and Spars Derelicts Abe Martin Lodge Cheerful Hill Penumbra Brown County Bridge Shaded Barn The Happy Time Bridge Over Salt Creek Favorite Bypath Grandma Barnes' Farm St. Anne Street--New Orleans Swinging Bridge Winter Hills County Seat Brown County Early Autumn Landscape The Edge of the Ravine New Orleans Courtyard Old Log Jail, Nashville Figures at the Shore New Orleans Street Scene Winter In the Village Old Bridge Home in the Country Winter Homestead Winter Walk to the Well Brittany Market Well House, Indiana University Horses and Buggy New Bridge New Orleans End of the Market Winter New Orleans Courtyard New Orleans Street Vendors From the Market, New Orleans Horses and Buggy New Orleans Residence Winter Homestead New Bridge Brown County Cabin Penumbra New Orleans Spring at Home Faith Autumn Woods (Nashville) Spring Cabin Brown County Cabin Anita's Well San Jose Mission River Crossing Midnight on the Thames American Southwest Indigenous Homes Mother and Child, Charleston, SC Outskirts Indiana University Union Building Surprise Summertime Shaded Barn Covered Creek Rainy Day in New Orleans Winter Creek Shaded Stable

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