Georges LaChance

male 1888-1964
20th Century
Life city:
Utica, NY
Work city:
Nashville, IN
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Known to his friends as “Jack”, Georges LaChance specialized in impressionistic landscapes, portraits, murals, and marine paintings. He was also well known for painting Indiana’s rural hill country with impressive realism. His technique with a paint brush is also noteable, as many were awed by his ability to produce fine details such as reflections. LaChance was born in Utica, New York and studied at the St. Louis Art School before he moved to Nashville, IN in 1931 and established his studio. He was a prominent member of the Hoosier Salon and the Brown County Art colony, also serving as the President of the Brown County Art Guild. His various exhibitions were held at the following locations: the Marshall Field Gallery; the Art Institute of Chicago; The Sheldon Swope Art Gallery of Terre Haute, Indiana; and the Hoosier Salon, from 1926-1961. The artist also had annual exhibitions at Lieber’s Gallery, who owned many of his works. One in particular, exhibited in August of 1933, depicted Indiana’s limestone industry through a series of LaChance’s sketches and oil paintings. Leaving behind many survivors, he died at age 75 in Bloomington Hospital. Indianapolis Star, Exhibition Articles 1943-1948; Indianapolis Star, Obituary of 1964; IMA LIbrary Artist Files

Brown County Winter Landscape Brown County Summer Landscape Gloucester Harbor Path to the Meadow Shades of Evening Tending the Team May Stream Homeward Bound Brown County Winter Landscape Valley of Peace Mary Salt Creek Salt Creek Brown County Autumn Stream Brown County Stream Brown County Creek Brown County Autumn Landscape Early Autumn in Brown County Brown County Horse and Buggy

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