Luke Buck

male b. 1940
Life city:
Indianapolis, IN
Work city:
Ninevah, IN
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re: Luke Buck

Luke Buck (taken from "Luke studied figure drawing at the John Heron Art Institute while majoring in art at Arsenal Technical High School, both in Indianapolis, Indiana. He majored in art in high school and received a Vocational Certificate in Commercial Art upon his graduation from Tech in 1960. This school launched Luke's art career by placing him in his first commercial art job with the Herff Jones Co. as a designer and illustrator of class rings and signet jewelry. After being drafted into the Army in 1963 and serving his two year hitch as an illustrator, Luke continued with commercial art for a couple of years working in art studios in Indianapolis. In 1970, through the encouragement from his wife, Luke broke off on his own as a self employed artist. During his commercial art years Luke was simultaneously pursuing the fine arts field and in 1981 he abandon the commercial art completely to devote his full time attention to fine arts. Luke Buck, a native "Hoosier", grew up in Indiana with a love for life, art, and nature that is evident in his nostalgic paintings of Americana landscapes and American wildlife. He was raised in a family of artist with not only his father, but also his Mother, one Sister, and three Brothers, all of who were blessed with artistic talents from fine arts, to music, and poetry. Buck lives in the perfect environment for an artist as Indiana is rich with art heritage. Nineveh, Indiana, where Luke resides." Luke Buck, when learning of this show, had this to say about Arsenal Tech High School: "I am truly honored. I often reminisce of my high school days and realize more and more what a special opportunity that Tech High School was. I majored in art and my "Commercial Art" teacher was Charles Glore, I had his class for 4 years. He was a wonderful teacher, artist, and person whom I have great respect for. Their art department and art programs were more advanced than most colleges of those times,,, and these times." The following are just a few of the locations and/or shows where his work has been exhibited: Hoosier Art Salon, Indianapolis, IN; Indiana Artist, Past & Present, Brown County Art Gallery, Nashville, IN; Florida Wildlife Art Expo, Orlando, Lakeland, & Sarasota, FL; Waterfowl Art Festival, Easton, MD; Southeastern Wildlife Expo. Charlestown, S.C.

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