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Winter Night in Brown County by Lester Nagley, Sr. Floral Still Life by (James) Edgar Forkner Normandy Market by Homer Gordon Davisson Summertime Path by Edward R. Sitzman Summer Show by Rob O'Dell Rag Rug by Harry Engel All the Year Round; February by Gustave Baumann Mushrooms by Evelynne B. Mess

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We buy vintage art

Fine Estate Art deals in vintage Indiana artwork including pieces related to Brown County, Richmond, Indianapolis / John Herron, The Hoosier Salon, The Hoosier Group and the Indiana Dunes.

If you have artwork you are considering selling, please drop us a note or call us at (317) 253-5910.

Enjoy browsing through the site, we have listings for over 1000 artists. With a few exceptions, nearly all of the artists we deal in have some relationship to Indiana and our state’s rich art heritage. The artists to the right comprise our favorites and we continue to develop biographical information for these and other listings. Please contact us if you can provide us with any additional biographical information.


Fine Estate Art recently moved to 2158 N. Talbott St., Indianapolis, IN 46202. We’re in downtown (well, Herron Morton Place, to be exact) near 22nd and Meridian St.


Wed-Friday 11-5, Saturday 11-3 (see below)

Spring Discovery Auction

Our first Discovery auction is live and online. This sale consists of fifty-plus no reserve pieces of historic Indiana (and Indiana-related) art.

It’s all nicely framed and presented — everything is ready to hang. If you’ve purchased artwork from us in the past, you know we’re attentive to presenting pieces.

These paintings and prints are from our existing inventory. And while we offer a broad array of historic Indiana art, sometimes the eclectic, modest pieces get overlooked and they need good homes too!

The auction is timed and online-only. The sale closes Sunday 6/13/21 with the lots ending in succession, beginning 2pm EDT.

You can see everything here: Spring Discovery Sale

Fifth Annual Curated Sale of Indiana Art

Our Fifth Annual Curated Sale of Historic Indiana Art auction on 4/18/21 was a great success! Thank you to everyone who attended and participated. You can see the results of the sale here

Our next auction will be in October, 2021. If you have pieces you are considering selling, please contact us. We’ll do our best to market your piece in a competitive sale!

Pandemic notes

Fine Estate is currently operating with shortened hours (above). Please write me directly at curt@fineestateart.com if you would like to schedule and alternate time to visit. In the meantime, we pray for your safety and the safety of those around us during this surreal (but quite real) time.

New Art Added (5/4/21)

Karl Krafft
Old Willows
Karl Krafft
River Romance
Kenneth Reeve
Monday Morning
Kenneth Reeve
Hoosier Homestead
Kenneth Reeve
A Country Road
George Jo Mess
Weather Vane
George Jo Mess
Highway Number Seven SOLD
George Jo Mess
Christmas Eve
Evelynne Mess
Deserted Log Cabin

New Art Added (4/30/21)

L.O. Griffith
New Orleans Residence
L.O. Griffith
Horses and Buggy
L.O. Griffith
From the Market, New Orleans SOLD
L.O. Griffith
New Orleans Street Vendors
L.O. Griffith
New Orleans Courtyard SOLD

New Art Added (3/21/21)

George Herbert Baker
Richmond Autumn Stream SOLD
Francis Focer Brown
Richmond Spring River Landscape SOLD
Francis Focer Brown
Summer Garden SOLD

New Art Added (3/14/21)

Nellie Knopf
San Antonio River Walk SOLD
Glenn Cooper Henshaw
New York Harbor SOLD
Glenn Cooper Henshaw
New York Nocturnal SOLD

New Art Added (3/5/21)

Simon Baus
Annette SOLD
Simon Baus
Mexican Plaze SOLD
Simon Baus
Adobe Village SOLD
Simon Baus
Reclining Nude SOLD
Simon Baus
Still Life with Fish and Lobster SOLD

New Art Added (2/28/21)

Will Vawter
Maturity SOLD
Clifton Wheeler
Senior Scout SOLD
Carl Graf
University Park SOLD

New Art Added (2/15/21)

William Merritt Chase
Portrait of Theodore Thomas SOLD
William Forsyth
Brown County Hills in Summer SOLD
William Forsyth
Early Autumn Landscape SOLD
Simon P. Baus
Election Day SOLD

New Art Added (2/8/21)

William McKendree Snyder
The Awakening of Spring SOLD
T.C. Steele
Autumn Landscape SOLD
Simon P. Baus
Hoosier Salon SOLD

New Art Added (1/26/21)

Arnold Turtle
Brown County Homestead SOLD

New Art Added (1/20/21)

Jan Zwara
White River, Autumn SOLD
Jan Zwara
White River, Summer SOLD
Clifton Wheeler
Elevated Cabin SOLD
James Eccles
Figures on the Beach

New Art Added (1/14/21)

William Mckendree Snyder
A Christmas Day SOLD
Oakley Richey
Farmhouse SOLD
Jan Zwara
Brown County Hills SOLD
Henrick Mayer
Rocky Channel SOLD
Henrick Mayer
Still Life with Onions SOLD

New Art Added (1/7/21)

Randolph LaSalle Coats
Clifty Park Valley SOLD
Jan Zwara
Floral Still Life SOLD

New Art Added (12/30/20)

Jessie Hull Mayer
Lakeshore SOLD
Charles Raymond Untulis
Harlequin Rider SOLD
Charles Raymond Untulis
Carousel Rider SOLD
Charles Raymond Untulis
Lyrical Equestrian SOLD

New Art Added (12/15/20)

Harry Davis
Good Samaritan Missionary Baptist Church
Frank Hohenberger
The Brook

New Art Added (11/30/20)

Susan Merrill Ketcham
Rocky Coast SOLD
Anthony Buchta
Autumn Tapestry SOLD
George Wilstach
In Tippecanoe County
Paul Turner Sargent
Winter Homestead SOLD
Paul Turner Sargent
Fresh Snow SOLD
George Mock
Owl Creek Valley SOLD

New Art Added (8/8/20)

L. O. Griffith
New Orleans
L. O. Griffith
End of the Market SOLD
Stanley Sessler
Notre Dame Grotto SOLD
Glenn Cooper Henshaw
Village of Nashville SOLD

New Art Added (6/11/20)

Charles Dahlgreen
A Day in May
Charles Dahlgreen
Charles Dahlgreen

New Art Added (6/4/20)

L. O. Griffith
Horses and Buggy
L. O. Griffith
Well House, Indiana University
L. O. Griffith
Homestead with Figures
L. O. Griffith
New Bridge

New Art Added (5/21/20)

Evelynne Mess Daily
Barnyard Controversy SOLD

New Art Added (5/6/20)

Harry Davis
Wilking Music Building SOLD
Harry Davis
Cathedral SOLD
Harry Davis
L & A Building SOLD

New Art Added (4/3/20)

Mary Frances Overbeck
Ladies in the Orchard SOLD
Carl Woolsey
Indian Girl on a Horse SOLD
Carl Woolsey
Yippee Ki Yay SOLD
Carl Woolsey
Autumn Woods SOLD
Carl Woolsey
Sunset Stream SOLD

New Art Added (3/13/20)

T.C. Steele
California Orange Grove SOLD
T.C. Steele
Munich Landscape with Figures
Glenn Cooper Henshaw
East River SOLD
Glenn Cooper Henshaw
Creekside SOLD
Glenn Cooper Henshaw
Nocturnal Landscape SOLD

New Art Added (2/28/20)

Frank Dudley
Dunes Charms SOLD
Frank Dudley
Mt. Tom SOLD
Gustave Baumann
Quiet Corner SOLD
Rupert Kilgore
Untitled SOLD

New Art Added (1/24/20)

Leota Williams Loop
Floral Still Life SOLD
Charles Untulis
Floral Still Life 1 SOLD
Charles Untulis
Floral Still Life 2 SOLD

New Art Added (12/04/19)

Justin C. Gruelle
Summer Landscape
Sybil Hunt Connell
Gold and Blue
Edmund Brucker
Serenading Clowns

New Art Added (11/27/19)

Glenn Cooper Henshaw
Lexington Market
Glenn Cooper Henshaw
Sunset SOLD
Reynolds Selfridge
River Villa
Paul A. Randall
Weed Patch SOLD

New Art Added (11/01/19)

Carl Woolsey
Winter Night
Carl Woolsey
Sycamores in Autumn

New Art Added (9/27/19)

John Elwood Bundy
Richmond Landscape SOLD
John Elwood Bundy
Winding Path
John Elwood Bundy
Richmond Farm SOLD
John Elwood Bundy
Richmond Lane SOLD

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