Frank R. Humpal

male 1895-1948
20th Century
Life city:
Chicago, IL
Work city:
Nashville, IN
Art Institute of Chicago
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Humpal was American Impressionist born on July 9th, 1895 in Chicago. He was a husband to Ann Humpal, father to daughter Florence Humpal, and a brother of Arthur Humpal. His years on production were 1920-1948 during which time he lived and worked in Downers Grove, Illinois; Chicago, Illinois; and Nashville, Indiana. While living in Downers Grove he produced work for the Chicago Tribune and the Milwaukee Journal. He attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts at the Art Institute of Chicago from 1915-1920, studying under Frederick Fursman and developing a friendship with Theodore Steele. His work was mostly of American farms, woods, and ponds and his landscapes are applauded for his sensitivity to light and hue. Hence, light was one of his biggest inspirations. A noteworthy fact also is that he only signed about half of his works, wanting to focus more on the process of painting rather than achieving recognition. Humpal was not keen on exhibitions for most of his career until the 1930s when he became a life member of the Chicago Art Institute. From this point until his death in 1948, he did exhibit his work more regularly. His exhibitons included: Regional Exhibitions in Brown County; Nashville; Milawaukee; Louisville; Indianapolis; Illinois Society of Fine Arts Spring Salon show of 1936; Art Institute of Chicago’s Annual Exhibition, the 41st, 45th, and 50th. (Allan) Kollar & (Samuel H. Jr.) Davidson, 19th & Early 20th Century American Paintings, Seattle, Washington publication; IMA Library Artist Files

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