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Anthony Buchta

male 1896-1967
Life city:
Chicago, IN
Work city:
Nashville, IN
Charles Schroeder
Leslie F. Thompson
Still Lifes
Spinner a96 eed
re: Anthony Buchta -

  • Brown County

We're very interested in buying artwork by Anthony Buchta. Please contact us for more information.

Anthony Buchta was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on June 13th, 1896 to parents who had emigrated from Czechoslovakia. He and his brother were artists of both commercial and fine art.

Encouraged by his brother, Buchta attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Art for two years. Following the Academy, Buchta continued his studies at the Art Institute. By this time he was doing studio work and had also moved into commercial art. It was during this period that he did catalogue work for the Montgomery Ward Co. and Sears Roebuck. He also found the time to study landscape painting with Charles Schroeder.

By this time Buchta had met many artists and was invited to join the Palette and Chisel Club, a prominent society of artists that would paint together and frequently exhibit. It was here that he met Oscar Erickson, Arnold Turtle and C. Curry Bohm whom he traveled to Brown County with in the 1920s.

Buchta exhibited with the Chicago Gallery Association, Chicago Painters and Sculptors, the North Shore Art Guild, the Joliet Artists League, the Hoosier Salon, the Scarab Club in Detroit and the Brown County Art Guild. He received numerous awards at the Hoosier Salon, the Illinois State Fair, the Chicago Gallery, the North Shore Art League and the New Orleans Art Association.

Anthony Buchta died on December 21, 1967 of a cerebral hemorrhage at the Bartholomew County Hospital in Columbus, Indiana.

We’re very interested in purchasing artwork by Anthony Buchta. Please contact us if you have pieces to sell.

Buchta  8x10  thumbBuchta  9x12  thumbBuchta 24x30 thumbBuchta  27x30  thumbBuchta  8x10  thumbAnthony buchta  8x10 watercolor  thumbBuchta 3x3 thumbBuchta 8x10  winter  thumbBuchta 23x25 thumbBuchta 23x25  2  thumbBuchta 16x20 summers boyhood joys thumbBuchta 24x30 horses thumbBuchta 16x20 thumbBuchta 25x30 thumbBuchta new orleans thumbBuchta peaceful valley thumbBuchta sunday in new england thumbAnthony buchta autumn lyric thumbAnthony buchta spring dreams thumbAnthony buchta summer s day thumbBuchta brown county summer landscape 8x10 thumbBuchta brown county winter landscape 8 x 10 thumbBuchta snow covered hills thumbBuchta 8x10 an autumn sonnet thumbBuchta 8x10 spring charm thumbBuchta 11x8 winter haze thumbBuchta 11x8 brulatour court thumbBuchta 12x14 sunday in new england thumbBuchta 8x10 bc spring landscape thumbBuchta 8x10 brown county spring landscape thumbBuchta 20x24 autumn splendor med thumbBuchta 5x4 holiday card thumbBuchta 8x10 home from town thumbBuchta 8x10 peaceful valley thumbBuchta 8x10 lea s damage repaired thumbBuchta 27x30 the wilderness thumbBuchta 10x8 octobersonnet thumbBuchta 16x20 springinterlude thumbBuchta 16x20 springstreamfea thumbBuchta 10x12 beanblossombridge thumbBuchta 9x11 bcwinterlandscape thumbBuchta 8x10 cottageinthedeltaofmiss thumbBuchta 8x10 octobersonnet thumbBuchta 8x10 overlookinbrowncounty thumbBuchta 4x4 adayindecember thumbBuchta 5x4 christmascard thumbBuchta 5x4 christmascard4 thumbBuchta 6x3 christmascard2 thumbBuchta 6x3 christmascard3 thumbBuchta 25x30 beanblossomoverlook thumbBuchta 24x30 nashville blackframe thumbBuchta 8x10 homefromthefishingtrip thumbAnthony buchta winter witcheries thumbBuchta summer s rustic charms thumbBuchta spring charm thumbBuchta fall landscape 8 8 17 thumbBuchta 8x10 thumbBuchta wee lass thumbBuchta 8x10 1 thumbBuchta 8x10 2 thumbBuchta a windy summer afternoon thumbBuchta 32x36 thumbBuchta autumn s wonderful golden splash  1  thumbBuchta 8x10  1  thumbBuchta spring in brown county thumbBuchta 8x10 thumbBuchta 11x13 wc bridge thumbBuchta brown county autumn magic 8x10 thumbBuchta brown county winter magic 8x10 thumbBuchta brown county spring magic 8x10 thumbBuchta brown county summer magic thumbBuchta the old dam 6x8 thumb

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