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Marilyn Osborn Feighner

female 1926-
20th Century
Life city:
Marion, IN
Spinner a96 eed
re: Marilyn Osborn Feighner -

  • Grant County

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The Following was submitted by a site visitor:

Marilyn and Jack Feighner were summer neighbors of mine from 1971 to 1984. We had houses just four houses apart on Lake Wawasee. Marilyn always looked elegant and always wore very interesting and attractive jewelry even with most of her casual clothes. My three sons remember her as being somewhat aloof, but I found her fun, friendly and fascinating.

Every summer when I arrived at the lake I would walk along the shoreline to the Feigner’s house to see what art projects Marilyn was working on that year. Her artwork ranged from bright, fun watercolors to hard edged prints to abstract oil paintings in broad brush strokes and appealing pastels. One year when I went to make my early summer visit, I found Marilyn had by and large converted her kitchen into a carpentry shop; she was building 4" deep wooden frames with lots of compartments which she then filled with small, artistic treasures.

Jack was a partner in a law firm in Marion, Indiana, and was active in politics. I thought he was a state representative in Indiana, but my sons say no he was a state representative in North Carolina where the Feighners owned a home in Hilton Head. Jack was a totally charming extrovert and a great host. I remember a wild story going around that he had recently been seen at a party in the Courthouse, swinging from the chandelier—but am not sure if that was in Indiana or North Carolina.

The Feighners had an E-Scow just like the ones in the watercolor, and a motor boat, and, I think, another smaller sailboat. They would often take some of us for a sail on the lake in their E-Scow. We would all drink wine or champagne—and we would duck whenever Jack told us to duck.

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