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William McKendree Snyder

male 1848-1930
Life city:
Madison, IN
Work city:
Madison, IN
Spinner a96 eed
re: William McKendree Snyder -

  • Jefferson County

We're very interested in buying artwork by William McKendree Snyder. Please contact us for more information.

William McKendree Snyder was born in Liberty, Indiana on December 20, 1848. The fourth child of William and Elizabeth Snyder, William was named after his father, a Methodist minister. Reverend Snyder moved his family to Madison, Indiana. It is here that William Snyder received his first art lessons. In 1861, both Reverend Snyder and William enlisted in the Union Army of the Civil War. William enlisted as a drummer boy while his father joined the Union cause as a chaplain. William was captured but survived the Andersonville prisoner of war camp. One of his earliest works was the Battle of Shiloh, a 9×20 foot oil painting.

After the war, from 1868-1870 Snyder studied with Inesco Williams in Cincinnati. It was from Williams that Snyder reportedly learned the art of portraiture before going out East. He was influenced by the Hudson River School and studied with George Innis, Alexander Wyant, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Eaton, and William Hunt between 1872 and 1875. From Innis he learned composition and layout. From Alexander Wyant he learned to paint tree roots and foliage, and from Bierstadt he learned luminous graduation, modulation and the control of tonality. From William Hunt, who was a friend of the French painter Jean-Francoise Millet, Snyder learned realism.

In 1875 Snyder married Alena Rodecker. The couple had one child, Alena Pearl Snyder, who also became an artist of oil and watercolor. In 1879 Snyder moved his family back to Madison, Indiana and applied himself to portrait painting, gaining a reputation in this field before turning to pastoral scenes after a move to Columbus. During this time period his name became synonymous with beechwoods and he made several trips to Brown County where he executed some of his best landscape paintings.

William Snyder died on September 30, 1930 leaving an estate worth more than $10.000.00.

We are very interested in buying paintings by William McKendree Snyder. Please contact us if you have pieces you are considering selling.

Snyder  9x15  thumbSnyder  9x15  thumbSnyder thumbSnyder fall  sight  thumbSnyder summer  sight  thumbSnyder 18x30 si summer landscape thumbSnyder 11x17 summerwc thumbSnyder 12x18 autumn thumbSnyder 12x20 thumbSnyder 12x18 thumbSnyder nautical  1  thumbSnyder 8x14 thumbSnyder 6x15  thumbSnyder unsigned thumbSnyder cows thumbSnyder vert trees thumbSnyder winter 8x14 thumbSnyder october sunset 10x18 thumbSnyder 12x18 thumbSnyder spring beech woods 12x18 thumbSnyder indiana beechwoods 8x14 thumbSnyder vertical 10x8 thumbSnyder spring indiana beeches 12x18 thumbSnyder summer 9x14 thumbSnyder indiana beech woods 12x18 thumbSnyder indiana beech woods 9x16 thumbSnyder autumn 9x14 thumbSnyder 26x46 thumbSnyder a christmas day thumbSnyder 19x33 thumbSnyder 20x42 thumbSnyder mk 12x18 thumbSnyder haning rock thumbSnyder vertical autumn 18x10 thumbSnyder autumn beeches 10x18 thumbSnyder 22x36 thumbSnyder 12x18 thumbSnyder unsigned 18x28 thumbSnyder settlemeyer 9x12 thumbSnyder autumn passage 8x14 thumbSnyder summer creek 8x16 thumbSnyder autumn way 20x30 thumbSnyder 9x12 indiana beech woods thumbSnyder 12x18 summer thumbSnyder 12x18 fall thumb

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